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bouquet_ofpills' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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puppet [Tuesday March 3rd, 3:15am]
I go from mellow to tense
From happy to depressed
I know I seem crazy
Like an emotional wreck
You don't have to fix me
I'll reassemble myself
Just don't walk away yet
Im to proud to ask for help

If there were words,
Id sing them to you
If there was a cure,
Id be the first in line
But maybe, just maybe
I'll be better with time

I sit in the streets as it rains
Hope it can cleanse my flaws
In a world that stays so big
I continue to feel so small
My thoughts tend to run wild
Even they try to escape me
I know I don't often say it
But you're all I really need

-chorus repeated-

My eyes may seem vacant,
But im in there somewhere
My smile make seem fake and I might sound like I don't care
But with every breath I take
And with every move I make
I could never try to survive
If you were to walk away
You make me come alive
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FRIENDS ONLY [Thursday June 1st, 7:35pm]

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